Helping in Finding Your Camp at Boxwell

When you see this sign on HWY 109 turn WEST, your a scout use your compass.

Keep going straight, your on the right road. Follow the Scout Law.

This is the first building you will see. This is where you check in for camp. If the Winter Camp sign is out, you've missed summer camp.

For Stahlman and Cub World Bear Left

Stay on the asphalt road.

for CubWorld take the next left.

For Stahlman stay to the right till you get to a gravel parking lot.

For Craig Bear Right

Watch for speed bump

Go straight until the road makes a sharp left and GO LEFT.

Continue and when the road makes a sharp right, GO RIGHT.

Continue on till you see a parking lot.

As you past the pole building called "The Crab" you now choose which camp your going to.