As depicted in the plans

Cutting the parts for the center section. Bottom, Bildge, Sides & Bulkheads

The four bulkheads were clamped and drilled, then chines were added to ease assembly and add strength.

End of Thursday 6-12, the center section was assembled and stitch and glue started

End of Friday, all the outside and inside joints were filled with fairing compound. Polyester coating was started on the bulkheads and between the keels.

The Big 40' Canoe Build...

Fully sponsored and paid for thanks to: Our Sponsors:

Big John K,   MTC-BSA,  Bobby Brown & Matt Brown,  Phil Pfeffer,  Wa-Hi-Nasa Lodge 111,  Chris Snoddy,  Walter Person,  Sam - I - Am,  Carl Adkins,  Troop 5, Clarkesville Ga.,  Troop 413, Hendersonville, TN,  James Akers,  Mike Bickford,  Michael Allen,  Howard Avry and John Pollihan  (internet sponsor)

Week 1 helpers:

Jeff White, Richard Kirby, T.R. Kirby, Jim Hudson, Darrin Harrelson, Bart Butler, Johnny Moss, Sean Walker, Jack Baker, Joseph Strough.

Joseph Stough is our Bandsaw Master

Joseph cuts the straightest curves ever. Here is the center thwart he made on the left. Above are the knee braces Joe made. Walter even gives his approval.

Week 2 helpers:

Joseph Strough, Cyril Fought, J.D. Smurthwaite, Jeff Stover, Bruce Hathaway, Randy Smith, Jeff Forbess

Week 3 helpers:

Joseph Strough, Eric Gregory, David Larsson, Richard Netherton, Allen Aldama

Week 3 started with work on the inside of the center section. Putting reenforcement plates on the bulkheads, running long strips of fiberglass, installing the bulkhead knees. Also the end section bulkheads were finished up which will make the bow and stern go faster.

As of 6/26, the inside of the center was fully constructed, gunnels installed and everything given a coat of polyresin.  Set to the side, work on the 12' Bow and stern begins.

End of Wednesday, something that looks like a canoe. 16 days into the build. Not counting man hours, I dedicate 2 hours per day plus free time.

Week 4 begins...

Panels were cut for the Bow and stern to use as templates

All the panels are now cut for the exterior

Bulkheads for the Bow and stern float chambers

Panels joined with butt blocks are ready for a fiberglass strip

Floor panel is now joined to a bulkhead and holes for stitches are being drilled

Bilge panels are now joined to the bulkhead and floor

Side panels are now attached to the bilge panels and bulkhead. The stitches are in but loose at this time. Got a lot of help from the troop next door.

Finally it looks like a canoe...

Now with the stitches pulled tight...

Applying fairing compound.

Forward bulkhead and spreaders inserted

A few helpers come in to shape out the fairing compund.

Laying the fiberglass strip is a four man job. One pre-coat, one strip layer, one over coating and a mix master supplies the resin in small batches.

While the fiberglass on the sides hardens the stem gets a second application of fairing compound to cover the stitch holes.

Week 4  helpers:

Joseph Strough, Cyril Fought, Troy, Scotty, Bryan Bodenhamer, Alan Embry, MArk Phillips, Matthew Pedigo, Johnny Haston, Mason Barnes, Ben Ferdell, Chad Potts, and espically Dow Canup, Robert Poole, Dan Beyers. Super Big Help.

Week 5  helpers:

Joseph Strough, Cyril Fought, Troy, Scotty, Andrew Berta, Rob Franklin, Zachary Nelson, Frank Steinle, MArk Schroeder, Max Weidekaml, Morgan Reid, Kobe Simmons, Mike Bickford, Brooks, Hester, Jasmine Wieczorek, Scotty Strohmeier, Boon Lowry,

Week 5 begins...

End of Tuesday, gunnels and thwart installed, inside fiberglass done, some coating left to do and install the bow plate.

End of Friday, stern section has had the stitches pulled, gunnels intalled and edged, bottom coated

Ran out of the pre-made fairing compound and made up some with resin and micro beads. Most of the fairing had been done anyhow and I had the beads on hand.

While working on the stern foam was placed in the bow forward bouyancy chamber. It's a 24 hour wait before adding more so it will have to be done in steps.

Flipped over and ready for stitches to be pulled and gunnels installed.

Mixing some foam - Looks like Great Stuff

Wednesday starts with panel joining

Assembling the joined panels to the bulkheads

Andrew is pulling stitches in the stern stem area.

Assembly went much faster on the stern

Troy Williams gets into smearing the fairing compund.

Week 6 begins, Fiberglas strips like Band-Aids reenforce the stem area.

Keels are now installed, the extra 3rd keel was duplicated on the back.

Joe helps fit the bowplate

Jacob Crawford gets in on the action, he joined the WF for week 6

Walter inspects the foam core going in the the buoyancy chanber. Liquid foam was poured around conventional styrofoam to save $.

Worked pretty good, forgot to level the chamber, but the 2nd layer made it up.

SFC Tony Stowe grinds down the rough edges on the fairing compound.

The bow and center are pulled out for final details and  assembly

Stern plate gets test fit.

Bowplate gets an appearance and strenghtener board.

First look at two sections end to end.

Joe installed corner knees and reenforcement plates for the huill connector bolts.

Jacob is turning scraps into parts for next years canoes.

Joining the sections together you definately need a helper.

SFC David Shinn  helps out cutting the inside bolt plates from a bar of aluminum.

Close up of  the side plates.

All three sections now lined up.

First look from the side.

Two rollers were made to assist with removal from the water.

Chaplan Howard Avery and his son assist

Machinist Mate Joseph Stough in the red shirt completes the final section assembly.

To the right:

Instructor John Kasper and Reservation Director Carl Adkins shake hands on completion of the project.

Leak Checking the canoe with 17 small scouts - No leaks YEA !!!!

To the right:

The Stahlman WaterFront staff poses by the completed project.

Joe, Big John, Troy, jarad, Scotty, Jacob and Walter.


An 11 person crew takes the canoe for a cruise down the lake. Even with an untrained crew, the canoe gets around pretty good.

The photo essay for the build begins here

And the way we built it...